libvalhalla  2.1.0
External Metadata

External Metadata

See also:
valhalla_db_metadata_priority() (only 6.).
  1. A data inserted/updated by these functions can not be updated by Valhalla.

  2. The metadata are only inserted/updated and deleted in the database, the tags in the files are not modified.

  3. If a metadata is changed in a file, a new metadata will be inserted by Valhalla but your entries (inserted or updated by these functions) will not be altered (consequence, you can have duplicated informations if the value is not exactly the same).

  4. If a metadata was already inserted by Valhalla and you use these functions to insert or to update the same entry, this metadata will be changed to be considered like an external metadata (see point 1).

  5. If a file is no longer available, when Valhalla removes all metadata, the metadata inserted and updated with these functions are removed too.

  6. If valhalla_uninit() is called shortly after one of these functions, there is no guarenteed that the metadata is handled.